Do You Have The CREATIVITY For Leadership?

All, too often, individuals who, either, are elected, selected, or ascend to positions of leadership, seem overwhelmed, and/ or unprepared for the numerous duties and responsibilities, of leading! Rather than proceeding, with the necessary degree of CREATIVITY, as well as an open – mind, willing to consider viable options and alternatives, many appear focused on avoiding personal blame and responsibility, and are satisfied with emphasizing the status quo! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly review, consider, identify, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it’s an essential trait, for effective leadership.1. Character; clever; coordinate: It all begins with the quality of one’s character, and whether the specific individual, will emphasize the common good, and the best interests of the group, and stakeholders, rather than any personal interest! This person must be clever, enough, to differentiate between, merely holding some position, and actually, being a true leader. However, good intentions, and even insights, are not enough, unless/ until, one determines the best way, to coordinate the efforts of the organization, in a relevant, sustainable way!

2. Relevant; reasoning: True leaders proceed, with an emphasis on relevant considerations, and the combination of a positive, can – do, attitude, with the finest, developed, skill – set! This requires the level of reasoning, which makes a quality difference, for the better, and inspires and motivates others, to get more involved and committed.3. Empathy; emphasis; excellence: A true leader focuses on effectively listening, and learning from every conversation and experience, in order to proceed, with the utmost degree of genuine empathy! This must direct a leader, towards how to place his emphasis, in order to achieve the highest degree of excellence, etc!4. Attitude; attention; actions: The combination of a well – intentioned, positive, can – do, attitude, with the willingness, and ability to pay attention, and proceed, in a focused manner, must be forward, quality actions, focused on viable, relevant, sustainable solutions, for the better!5. Trends/ trendsetter: Creative leaders recognize, and understand trends, and realize, which might be meaningful, to the specific group! He must be ready, willing and able, to be a true, trendsetter!6. Views; vision; valuable/ value; values: Creativity stems from, a willingness to recognize various views, and possess a vision, focused on the common good! When valuable ideas are introduced, and prioritized, others believe in the inherent value, of belonging to this group! However, unless this aligns with the shared values, of the stakeholders, it will be challenging, to have others, believe in it!

7. Interests; intentions: Before one becomes a leader, he should introspectively, objectively, examine the quality of his interests, and his intentions!8. Take time; timely: Proceeding with creativity, which makes a true difference, for the better, requires taking the time, to fully consider, what is needed, and the options and alternatives. However, a leader must avoid procrastinating, and be willing to proceed, in a well – considered, timely manner!9. You; yes: Will you recognize, your effectiveness, and impact, is up to you? Only those willing to say, yes, to the possibilities, will be creative, enough, to make a difference, for the better!Will you have the CREATIVITY for leadership? How will you proceed, forward?